Day 38 – Palm Cove

Tuesday, Feb 23, 2016

It was another warm day, but it cooled down a bit after 2 torrential downpours in the morning. Typical of a tropical climate, there was little or no evidence of the rain, when I went for a walk, 1 hour after the rain had stopped.

I took the bus to the Smithfield area to check out the Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Centre. The centre was very modern looking and it seemed more of a tourist trap with choreographed programs rather than an authentic display of Aboriginal Culture, so I opted not to view this attraction.

After I returned to Palm Cove, shortly after lunch time, it started to rain again, on-and-off, but this time it was for longer periods of time and not as intense. Even though this is the rainy season here, I haven’t experienced a lot of rain, until today. The wind had also picked up and I watched the palm trees sway, as their fronds waved back and forth in the wind and the heavy rain. I decided to use the time to do some planning and relax a bit, because I had planned a full day of activities for Wednesday.