Day 38 – Palm Cove

Tuesday, Feb 23, 2016

It was another warm day, but it cooled down a bit after 2 torrential downpours in the morning. Typical of a tropical climate, there was little or no evidence of the rain, when I went for a walk, 1 hour after the rain had stopped.

I took the bus to the Smithfield area to check out the Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Centre. The centre was very modern looking and it seemed more of a tourist trap with choreographed programs rather than an authentic display of Aboriginal Culture, so I opted not to view this attraction.

After I returned to Palm Cove, shortly after lunch time, it started to rain again, on-and-off, but this time it was for longer periods of time and not as intense. Even though this is the rainy season here, I haven’t experienced a lot of rain, until today. The wind had also picked up and I watched the palm trees sway, as their fronds waved back and forth in the wind and the heavy rain. I decided to use the time to do some planning and relax a bit, because I had planned a full day of activities for Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “Day 38 – Palm Cove

  1. We all wish you another awsome week full of excitement,.and adventure a lot to absorb,you will need a few days to climatize @ home.No problem so we have sunny days also,plus there are 12 Ducks swimming in your backyard,yep no kidding
    we found your OLD TILLEY HAT,where thinking of purolating it to you…..???
    from all of us,Aufwiedersehn,we all miss ya even Merlin he is confused,

    Your Sis

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