Day 5 – Amigo Centre

Friday, December 3, 2021

Wieland and I got up at 6:30 am and at 7:15 am, we met Cheryl by the maintenance building where we prepared some more magic dust and then Wieland used Cheryl’s car to go into town and get some diesel fuel before breakfast.

After breakfast, Wieland continued to work on the bathroom in the cabin where he had installed the electrical circuits. He cut a hole in the wall to accommodate the window he later installed.

He also installed the drain and vent pipes for the shower, toilet and sink and then he started the installation of the drywall.

Most of the volunteers continued to cut and burn the fallen trees, however, some of the volunteers worked on rebuilding trails.

Some spent their day cutting down trees.

And some raked leaves.

Lynn and I fed some of the fires that had been started the day before and started some new ones. We then cleared a path of debris, before returning to the meadow. Because a quilting group was using the camp and they had a special lunch, the volunteers had a brunch at 10:30 am instead of lunch, however Lynn and I decided to skip brunch.

After brunch Cheryl took a group photo.

After Lynn and I restarted the fire in the meadow we cleared the trail along the property line. I cut the trees and Lynn moved them with his skid steer. I had lost my gloves during a short break and when Cheryl came back to see us, she found them along the trail we had cleared and brought them to me.

After clearing the trail, we fed the fire and then cleared another trail in the meadows.

At 4:30 pm we fed the fire again and then headed back to the dining hall for supper. After supper, Lynn and I went out to feed some of the fires and he created a huge bonfire in the meadows. I was a bit concerned that the fire might spread to other areas, because it got so hot that the flames shot up about 4.5 m ( 15 ft ) and the sparks flew about 30 m ( 100 ft ) in the air. Fortunately it was a very calm night and the did not travel far.

When I got back to the lodge, I helped Cheryl find buckets for magic dust and bottles for diesel fuel so that they would be ready for starting fires in the morning. We filled up eight plastic containers with the old diesel fuel and then I returned to my room to have a shower and rest.