Day 15 – Kathmandu

Thurssday, November 24, 2022 – Temperature 9-21 C (47-69 F)

The temperature was cooler than India but it was comfortable.  After a nice breakfast at 8:30 am, Niraj and our driver picked us up at the hotel.

Niraj explained that Hydro power and agriculture are the largest industries in Kathmandu, with the tourist industry supplying only 7% of the income.  He stopped along the way to show us some of the many garden terraces used by farmers.

The tour started at the ‘ old village ‘.  When we reached the village, it was obvious that the residents took pride in their homes, because they kept their areas clean and several of the residences and shops had been repaired and painted. 

Niraj explained that generally several generations of a family would live in the multi-floor buildings which would allow the young adults to go to work while the grandparents watched their children.

As we toured the village I was able to get a picture of a woman grinding turmeric roots with a large round stone to make powder for spice or as a dye.

From the village we drove to a nice hotel with a view of the Himalayan mountains where we had High Tea on the terrace.

After our tea break, we went to the old town area to see its shops and temples.  Niraj explained that some of the buildings had already been rebuilt after an earthquake had destroyed them.  Others were in the process of restoration.  The temple in the middle picture below was one of the few buildings that was able to withstand the tremors without damage.

From the old town we drove to one of the oldest Hindu temples.

Then we drove a little further to see a large round Budapest temple and its surrounding shops.

We arrived back at the hotel at 4:30 pm. At 7:30 pm Maurice & Karen went with Shail to a traditional Nepalese meal with entertainment included, while Prat, Bijaya and I had a simple dinner at the hotel.