Day 14 – Mumbai to Kathmandu

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Mumbai 22-29 C ( 71 – 84 F ) – Air Index in Mumbai 300+ ( Poor )

Kathmandu – 8-21 C ( 46-69 C )

We had a leisurely breakfast and then Prat, Bijaya and I went for a walk along the waterfront.

Only Prat, Bijaya, Maurice Karen and I were travelling to Nepal so at 10:30 we all met Shail in the lobby headed to the Mumbai airport. On the way to the airport, he showed us Mumbai’s billion dollar home, named Antilia. This is not just the priciest home to have ever been inhabited by someone in Mumbai, but is also among the most expensive residences in the whole world. It belongs to Mukesh Ambani, the richest man in India, and the sixth richest man in the world. We were told that it employs approximately 600 people. It is the large unusually shaped structure in the background of the picture below.

When we arrived at the airport, we made it through security relatively easy. The flight was delayed and instead of leaving at 3 pm, we ended up leaving closer to 4:30 pm.

We arrived in Kathmandu around 6:30 pm and we had to show our vaccination status before getting our visas at airport immigration. For the visa we had to pay $30 US ( or the equivalent ), fill out a form ( which some of us had done online), have our picture taken and our thumb prints documented. The process was relatively simple and smooth.

Upon leaving the terminal, we met our local guide, Niraj, who took us to the Radisson Hotel, approximately a 30 minutes drive from the airport. After checking into the hotel, I wasn’t feeling hungry, so I didn’t join the others for dinner. Instead I took a much needed shower, did a little laundry and relaxed.