Day 12 – Udaipur

Monday, November 21, 2022 – Temperature 11-28 C ( 52-82 F )

We had a late start to the day. Breakfast started at 7 am and we left the Trident Hotel at 8:30 am to go see the City Palace. On the way to the palace we stopped at the Garden of the Maids which was created for the handmaidens of the Maharaja’s harem. At the entrance we encountered this family that was clothed in traditional garb.

In the gardens, I took a picture of the largest Bougainvillea I’ve ever seen, draped over a couple of mango trees.

As with the other city palaces that we have seen, the one in Odaipur was large, had many rooms and segregated areas. The steps and hallways to the various areas of the palace were very narrow and short so that if an enemy breached the walls and tried to access the various rooms, they could only do it one person at a time and would put them at a disadvantage.

After we left the palace, some of us went for a walk in “ old town “. There were a lot of shops and they were quite clean. We also saw a man who was painting a T-shirt of the Beatles, a man who was pumping water and a man who was grinding some food with a idling motorcycle tied to a shaft and slowly turning a grinding wheel

We found a nice rooftop restaurant above a hotel and had some traditional Indian meals for lunch.

Before dinner we went for an evening cruise on a man-add lake around the “ floating palace “.

After the cruise, a few of us had dinner on a rooftop restaurant near our hotel.

Across from the restaurant there was a large outdoor wedding celebration on the rooftop of a hotel, with loud music and flashing lights

It was our final night in Odaipur before travelling to Mumbai ( aka Bombay ),

2 thoughts on “Day 12 – Udaipur

  1. Enjoying all the new places that you are visiting…ones I did not go to. As I suggested, when you return I can treat you to a good Indian meal and we can compare our experiences. I was only in Mumbai to fly home. It seems that many of your adventures are comparable in so many ways. Enjoy…be safe…

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