Day 8 – Ranthambore to Jaipur

Thursday, November 17, 2022 – Temperature 11-27 C ( 53-80 F )

It was a travel day. We had our traditional breakfast at 7 am and left at 8 am for Jaipur.

We spent about 3 hours weaving between the cars, trucks, tuk-tuks, motorcycles, mopeds, cows and buffalo as we made our way to Jaipur. Shail explained to us that driving in India is organized chaos, but it works for them. I did notice that even when someone has the right of way, they will yield for someone who is in their lane. Several times our bus driver would turn in front of traffic and they would stop and let him turn without honking their horns. When drivers honk their horns, it is usually to let others know where they are.

While we were driving I had noticed several Massey Ferguson and and a few John Deere tractors in India. Shail explained that there are manufacturing facilities for both companies in India.

The population of Jaipur is about 5 million and the city is a blend of old and new architecture so as we approached the town center, it understandably got more crowded.

We arrived there around 12:30 pm and Shail took us to directly to a bazaar, not far from our hotel.

While walking along the streets of the bazaar, I saw a couple of men connecting the wiring to a breaker box while using a wire-reinforced wooden ladder. It amazes me how nonchalantly the locals seem to take their electricity and yet they seem to know enough so that they don’t get electrocuted.

When we left the bazaar, we drove to the Radisson Hotel. As we approached our hotel, I noticed the large bamboo scaffolding behind the hotel. There were several men working on the scaffolding and I f you look closely at the top of the building, you can see a man plastering the walls while standing on the bamboo structure. It seems to be sturdy and work quite well, so it might be something I could use back home for changing the light bulbs that are 25 feet high in the church sanctuary.

This is a view of what the bamboo scaffolding looks like from my hotel room window.

We had a quick bite to eat at the hotel and then went to a local cinema to watch a Bollywood film for an hour. There were no subtitles but we could follow some of the script by what they were doing. It was a story about 4 old friends, one of whom died suddenly and subsequently the other 3 decided to fulfill their friends dream of climbing up to Everest Base Camp ( EBC ) together and there they would spread his ashes.

After the movie, we stopped at a local shop for a cup of Lassi, which is a type of liquid yogurt that you typically drink from a ceramic cup.. It was a little bit sweet, but it had a nice flavour.

On our way back to the hotel, we stopped at Bhandari Jewellers, where we could shop for jewellery and art, however, I opted to stay in the bus. When the shoppers returned, Danny gave me a delicious samosa which he had bought in the shop for me.

When we returned to the hotel, we were on our own for supper. I wasn’t very hungry so I had a light meal in the hotel restaurant before returning to my room to work on my journal.

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