Day 3 – Amigo Centre

Wednesday, December 1, 2021 ,

Cheryl sent me a picture she had been taken the night before of the spectacular sunset from the porch of the dining hall.

As usual, we had a continental breakfast at 8 am and then took a group photo before heading to our job sites.

Two of the volunteers spent the day putting fascia on one of the buildings.

Lynn continued to clear the paths in the meadow until one of the hydraulic lines on his skid steer was ripped off by the branches he was moving, so he went to the John Deere dealer in town and they made a new hose for him.

Wieland spent the day working in the cabin bathroom that Cheryl had showed us on Monday. He ran electrical wires for the plugs and lights from the outside.

I was assigned to be a tractor driver and I spent the day picking up large logs and placing them on piles in preparation for burning. Six other people cut branches and put them on the piles.

The tractor I had was a Kubota with a grapple that had been added on to it. It was a little heavy in the front and I had to be careful while handling large logs so that it wouldn’t tip over especially on the sides of the hills.

About 3 pm it started to rain and everything got wet and slippery so we quit for the day and packed up the tools. For supper we had Sloppy Joes with chips. It was something I haven’t eaten for many years and it was a nice treat.

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