Day 4 – Clendenin

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

It had rained all night, however, by the time we arrived back at job site, it was only drizzling and by 10 am it was sunny.

At the job site, we removed the tarps, installed a felt layer on the ground between the footings and Billy placed rocks on the water side of the bridge abutments.  

This took a good portion of the day because the riprap ( large rocks manually placed for erosion protection ) consisted of very large and heavy rocks that had to be slowly moved by the excavator and the skid steer.

When the riprap had been completely placed below the footers, we started to place the 16″ beams on the footers.

By the end of the day we had placed all of the I-beams on the footers and secured them.

It had become windy in the afternoon and we experienced some large wind gusts, one of which knocked down a large tree on the hill close to the house with a loud bang.

Just before we left to go back to the campsite, a hydro truck quickly pulled off the road next to the bridge and disconnected the power by opening the  switches on the pole.   We soon found out why because shortly after we left, we were stopped on the road by a hydro truck that was directing traffic because a hydro pole had been knocked down and it was hanging across the road by its wires.   We were  only a delayed a few minutes and we continued our 30 minute drive back to the campsite and as we neared Clendenin, we could smell a lot of smoke and a little while afterwards we noticed a brushfire on the hillside.

The smoke was quite thick and we were again stopped by a hydro truck that was directing traffic, however, we were soon allowed to drive past the area.   We arrived back at the campsite by 5:30, cleaned up, ate supper and chatted for a while before going to bed.

As we were chatting, the power cycled off and on, a few times,  until we heard a load bang and a bright light near the campsite and the power stayed off.   Wieland and Esther walked the short distance to the area where the sound had originated.   It appeared to have come from a hydro pole along the road and the power lines had been torn apart.

It was an interesting evening.


Day 3 – Clendenin

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

After another good nights sleep and a hearty breakfast we drove to the job site.  It was a bit warmer in the morning when we arrived and it reached 12 C ( 53 F ) by midday.  

Billy used the excavator to drive down the piles at the corners of the foundation, with guidance from Erv, cut them to length with a torch and then we completed the installation of the rebar for the bridge footings. 

By 1 pm the concrete truck arrived and we poured concrete.   On the house side, we had the concrete truck filll the bucket of the excavator and then Billy dumped it into the the form.  

On the road side Billy directed the chute directly into the form for the footing.   Then we vibrated the concrete to help settle it and then troweled the top of the concrete.

Before we left for the camp site we covered the concrete footings with tarps because there was a prediction of rain over night.

A new crew for the house building project in West Virginia had arrived at the campsite at 10 am before heading to their job site and they arrived back at camp, just after we had started supper.   They joined us for supper and we spent the evening getting acquainted with them.