Day 7 – Travel to Puerto Montt

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Our driver picked us up at 7:00 am from the hotel and drove us to the airport, where we arrived, shortly after 8 am.   The temperature was quite cool , about 5 C ( 40 F ) and it was just as cool in the airport.   We checked our bags, cleared security and waited for our flight to Santiago en route to Puerto Montt.

Our flight to Santiago took approximately 2 hours.   We had a 2 hour layover in Santiago, before continuing on a 2 hour flight to Puerto Montt.

While we waited for our next flight, we ate most of the lunch that had been prepared for us by the hotel staff and just before our flight was about to board, its gate was changed so we had to relocate to the new gate.  Just as the plane was about to board, I remembered that I had left my phone at the charging station by the other gate, so I hurried back to get it.   I picked it up and made it back just before our zone was called to board.

As we approached our destination the scene from the airplane changed to a green landscape with many farms and villages.

When we arrived in Puerto Montt, we picked up our bags and met the driver, Arturo, who took us to our hotel in the nearby town of Puerto Varas.   The temperature was 5 C ( 40 F ) when we arrived, which is typical for this time of year in this part of the country, so we had to start dressing with more layers of clothing.

We are staying in very nice rooms in a rustic lakeside hotel called “ Cabana del Lago “, facing a lake called “ Lago Lianquihue “.

After checking into the hotel, we settled into our rooms and met a little while later at the hotel restaurant. Before we sat down to eat, Pete organized a morning excursion to a waterfall, upon the recommendation of the hotel staff.

The meal was very good and by the time we finished eating, it was time to get some rest in preparation for our two excursions the next day.

2 thoughts on “Day 7 – Travel to Puerto Montt

  1. Thankful you found your phone at the charging station…and made it back to your new gate in time for departure.
    Thankful you bounced back quickly from the food poisoning episode earlier this week.

  2. I’m really enjoying your adventures in Chile, Ralf. I was in Santiago, Valparaiso and the Colchagua (?) Valley…Santa Cruz a few years back. Dave Clarke who worked for Hatch Energy was on a project there so I came over via bus from Mendoza (Argentina) and stayed the week with him. Jeannie, his wife, and I did the touring while he worked and we spent evenings together. Your writings are bringing back good memories….thanks…Les

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