Day 34 – Grand Forks

Thursday, August 1, 2019

After another very good breakfast we said goodbye to the youth, before they left to head back home.   They took Sam along in order to drop him off in Chiliwack, so that he could attend his brother’s wedding.

With the youth gone, Justin returned to Kent Tough’s house by himself to continue the painting.

Jon went to Barbara McClelland’s house to continue casing the doors and windows and frame a new door with Roman.

Peter and Robert went to the Fillo house and finished installing all of the windows.

Gordon, Maria, Vanessa and I returned Jesse and Courtney’s house.   We all helped to sweep the walls,

and then we wiped them down with wet towels and vacuumed the floors.

Maria and I started rolling the ceilings and walls,

while Vanessa painted the edges for us.

After helping to clean the walls and floors, Gordon continued adding drywall the basement walls and almost finished them.

We must have tired out Vanessa because at lunch, she decided to take a nap.


At 1:30 pm she woke up and continued to paint the corners and edges for us

By 4:30 pm, we finished priming all of the ceilings and walls.   Courtney and Jesse were very happy with the results and kept looking at the primed walls and ceilings.

I took a picture of Gordon, Jesse, Courtney, Maria and Vanessa in the living room before we returned to camp and cleaned up for supper.

Castle Hardware and a local pizza restaurant wanted to thank us for the work we were doing in their community by donating pizzas for us.  This had allowed Maria and Vanessa to come to our job site and help us with the painting.

After the pizza, we reviewed the progress at each site and then we had a wonderful ‘ No-Bake Berry Icebox Cake ‘ dessert that Maria had made for us.

After Justin, Abby and myself cleaned up the few dishes we had used, Peter, Justin, Maria and myself played a game of scrabble before going to bed.

On Friday, we are planning to come back to camp for lunch and clean up the camp site, after which I plan to start my long trek home.

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