Day 31 – Grand Forks

Monday, July 29, 2019

It was 13 C ( 55 F ) when I woke up but the forecast indicated that the high temperature for the entire week was supposed to be in the low 30’s C ( high 80’s ).

Gordon, Sarah, Olivia and I drove my car to the Redding house and before I went in, I opened the windows in the car to help keep it cool.

We started sanding and mudding the drywall.  Gordon started with the living room ceiling.


and Olivia,

two of the young adults, started sanding and later they mudded.   They were enthusiastic, willing to work and enjoyed conversing with each other while they sanded.

I put on the second coat of mud in the bathroom and then helped sand the living room ceiling.

Sam and Jake ( one of the youth leaders ) went to the ‘ Darcy ‘ house to rip up some flooring and shortly before noon, they joined us with sanding and mudding.

Sam and Jake drove into town at 4:30 pm to pick up a door from home hardware before they closed.   At 4:40, we started to clean up to return to camp.   When I went to open the trunk of my car to put in the coolers, it wouldn’t open.   I looked for my key and found it in the ignition, in the accessory position….the battery was dead.    I phoned Sam and asked him to come back with the truck to give me a boost, however, Gordon  noticed that Jesse had left his truck and when he found the keys in it, he drove it over and we were able to start my car with the booster cables I had fished out of my trunk from inside of the car.   l called Sam and told him that he didn’t have to come back and then we headed to camp.   We had just left when I realized that I had put my phone on the truck bumper while we were starting my car, so I had to drive back to the Redding house and get it.   We finally left and arrived at camp by 5:30.   We quickly took showers and were ready for supper at 6 pm.

After supper we reviewed what everyone had done during the day.

Peter and Robert Prince had 4 young adults with them at a new site, which was about an hour from the church where we are staying.   The homeowner and several friends and neighbours helped during the day to clean up,  install siding  and paint trim.

Jon had four people helping him. John installed cabinets, Denise installed vinyl flooring with one of the young adults and Jon installed trim.

Justin, two of the young adults, as well as Kent, the owner, painted the walls and prepared the ceiling for stiple at the Tough house.

After our reports, Ike handed the keys and the official MDS hammer, to Roman, who would be the project director for the rest of the week.

It was a typical relaxed evening.

I had received a picture of the volunteers for the previous week .

They are, from left to right;

Back Row: Sam Dyck, Jonathan ( Jon ) Wiebe, John Close, Ralf Hamm, Gordon Martens,  Randy Blaskovich, Mike Davis

Middle Row: Ike Epp, Justin Marchand, Alice Close, Jack McDonald, Sheila Davis

Front Row: Abigail ( Abby ) Thompson, Vanessa Martens, Maria Martens, Stella MacDonald