Day 30 – Grand Forks

Sunday, July 28, 2019

It was a comfortable temperature in the morning but it turned out to be a hot day.   While most of the crew attended the River Valley Community Church service, Sam and I drove to the Pines Bible Camp where the MB Gospel Chapel and the First Baptist church were having a joint family camp and service.  After the service, Sam visited with some friends before we left to meet the other volunteers at the Golden Chopsticks for lunch.

The food was very good and we had so much that we took several containers of leftovers, back to camp.

Sam, Justin, Jon and Abby went to play board games at a local establishment in town before returning to camp, while the rest of us drove back and relaxed during the afternoon.

We made ourselves supper from the leftover food in the fridge at camp.  While we were eating, two short term volunteers, John and Denise arrived.   At 6 pm, Robert Prinse, a long term volunteer, arrived and a little while later, 3 youth leaders, with 7 junior youth ranging in ages from 14 to 18, arrived to assist us for next 3 days as short term volunteers.

AT 7:15 pm we had orientation, after which we had a crew leaders meeting.

It was another relaxing evening before the adults went to bed.   I am not sure how long the young people stayed awake.

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