Day 27 – Grand Forks

July 25, 2019

It was another cool morning that slowly warmed up to 29 C ( 84 F ) by mid afternoon.

I was up at the break of dawn and headed to the kitchen to prepare coffee.  By 5:45, Maria and Vanessa arrived at the kitchen and started to prepare breakfast.    After breakfast we took a group photo and then headed to our respective jobs.

Justin, John and Randy went to Kent Tough’s house.   Randy ( see picture below ) and John finished the drywall sanding and started priming the walls.

Justin went to Kirk Walter’s house to finish a few items and then helped prime the walls at Kent Tough’s house.

Gordon, Sam, Jack, Stella and Alice continued mudding the drywall at the Redding house.

Jon, Mike and Shiela went to the McClelland house.  Jon finished most of the trim work while Mike and Shiela continued to install the flooring.

I went to Donna’s house and finished installing the tiles and started grouting them.

When we returned to camp for supper, Peter & Susan Thiessen ( Project Coordinator ), Evelyn Peters-Rojas ( MDS Volunteer Development Coordinator ) had arrived to join us for 2 house dedications on Friday.

We were also privileged to have Jesse and Courtney Redding join us for supper and shared the circumstances that they had encountered during the flood that had destroyed their home.   Afterwards, Stella and Alice presented Jesse and Courtney with a quilt that they had help make.

Holding the quilt are, from left to right, Alice, Courtney, Stella and Jesse.

For the rest of the evening we relaxed in different ways.   Jon played the guitar he had built, Maria, Mike and Shiela played scrabble, while some volunteers read books and others conversed on a variety of subjects until 10 pm, at which time everyone had gone to bed.

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