Day 26 – Grand Forks

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

I was in the kitchen preparing coffee for breakfast when a thunderstorm entered the area for 10 minutes, which helped cool down the outside  temperature.  Apparently there had been a very loud thunderstorm during the night, but myself and several others hadn’t heard it.

Most of us went back to the same job sites as the previous day and continued the work we had started.

Jon, Mike, Shiela and Gordon B worked at the McClelland house again.  Jon sanded and painted the walls, Gordon B did some carpentry work,

while Mike and Shiela installed the vinyl flooring in the kitchen.

Gordon, Sam, Jack and Alice add the second coat of drywall mud at the Redding house.

Justin, Randy and John added the third coat of drywall mud at the Tough house.

I completed the installation of the screen door and touched up some of the walls with paint at Radek’s house by 11:30 and then drove to Donna’s house and finished most of the tile work at Donna’s house.

When we returned to camp, Maria had made German pirogies and sausages for supper.   She had made a lot of food, but it all disappeared.   After supper, a few volunteers played a board game while some relaxed and others sat in the lounge area and discussed a variety of topics.   Before we knew it, it was 10 pm and everyone slowly disappeared.


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