Day 25 – Grand Forks

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

It was another warm day when we got up and it reached the low 30’s C ( mid 80’s F ) by the afternoon.

A new volunteer, Gordon B arrived in the morning to join our crew for a few days.   He checked the installation of a pocket door at the Redding house before going to Barbara McClelland’s house to help Jon, Mike and Shiela with trim installation, painting and miscellaneous items.

Gordon M, Jack, Stella, Alice, Vanessa and Sam continued mudding at Jesse and Courtney Redding’s house.

Justin, Randy and John finished most of the third coat mudding at Kent Tough’s house with the help of Kirk Walter’s sister, Pam.

I went to Radek Grundel’s house to finish some odd jobs.   I filled in the space behind the stove fan that the electrician had moved forward to accommodate the larger cabinet size.   Then I added support under the back doorsill and caulked the shower stall door for Radek.   I helped Ike deliver the garbage around Radek’s house to the dump and then I started to install the rear screen door before I left at 4:45.

We had been invited by the Gospel MB Church for supper at 5:45, so we quit a little early to get cleaned up before we left.   After a very nice meal,  we returned to cam.   Maria, Mike and Shiela played scrabble with Vanessa keeping score and Randy watching,

while Justin and Abby gave Cole a mullet hair cut.

Tomorrow Cole will be finished his 1 year assignment with MDS and he will be heading to the MDS office in Lilitz, PA for de-briefing in the near future.




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