Day 19 – Grand Forks

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The weather has been very similar each day, starting off in the low 20’s C ( 70’s F ) and by mid-day it’s in the high 20’s  to low 30’s C ( low to mid 80’s  F ).

The morning started out as usual.   I usually wake up at 5 am and Eileen is already up, preparing breakfast.

The dining area is quite large and the food is served buffet-style.

After breakfast and devotions, Valter, Ingried and I returned to the ‘ Radek Grundel ‘ house.

Valter added door knobs, hung doors and ‘ dap’d ‘ the trim and baseboards.

Some of the work required unusual situations and one adjustment required Valter had to make modifications from inside the kitchen cabinets.

Ingried spent the day painting and at one point, she needed to get on the kitchen cupboards to paint the opening on the wall behind the cupboards.

Ernie helped with painting and adjusting some doors.

I spent most of my day completing the tile work in the bathroom.

Most of the ‘ odds and ends ‘ in the Radek’s house have been completed, with only a little painting and minor trimming to be completed.

We didn’t have our own vehicle, so we hitched a ride with Justin to go back to camp.   We left the job site at 4:45, which is a little early, however, Bethany needed to help Eileen prepare the evening meal and we didn’t want to be responsible for supper being late.

Supper consisted of local farmer sausages, salads and potatoes.

After the meal, each team gave and an update of the different jobs they completed, as well as, sharing a few non-job related stories.   Afterwards, Jonathan, Egon and Eric  cleaned up the dishes, while the rest of the volunteers relaxed in different ways.   Justin played Jonathan’s home-made guitar in the lounge area at the back of the dining hall while Eileen and Bethany prepared some food for the next day and some of the volunteers relaxed in their rooms or sat outside, around a gas fire pit.   I opted to sit around the fire for a lively discussion, unfortunately some was at Ben’s expense.   By 10 pm, Mark and I were the only ones left sitting around the fire, so we shut it off and went to bed.

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