Day 17 – Grand Forks

Monday, July 15, 2019

I was up at 5 am, cleaned up and went to the kitchen to make the coffee and help with a few chores before breakfast.   After breakfast and devotions, we headed for our assigned job sites, with a whole new our group of short term volunteers.

Our tool/storage trailers are located next to Kirk Walter’s house.

Valter and his wife Ingried drove with me to the Radek house.  Valter finished trimming the back door, to accommodate the narrower wall width and installed the bathroom cabinet, as well as the kick boards and back splashes in the kitchen.

Ingried spent the day painting the baseboard and trim we had installed last week.

I spent most of the day filling nail holes in the trim and gaps in the baseboard.

We joined two of the other teams at the ‘ Kirk Walter ‘ house for lunch.

The other teams spent their time installing drywall, mudding, painting and making repairs at 3 other houses.

Radek’s big old wolf/shepard dog snuck away in the afternoon and was returned by Cole, after someone noticed him wandering around the house they were working on.  Other than that, there were no unusual occurrences  during the day.

I stopped by the hardware store to pick up some parts on our way back to camp at 5 pm.   After supper, several of the volunteers sat outside drinking Mate and exchanging stories, while Deniese, Bethany, Sharon and Abby played basketball.   Later in the evening, the ladies migrated into the dining hall to play a card game with Sam, while Justin quietly played one of Jonathan Wiebe’s home-made guitars in the casual seating area at the end of the hall.  I started to write my journal and went for a short walk before going to bed.

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