Day 12 – Grand Forks

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

I woke up at 5:30 am, which was later than usual, but I was still early and had plenty of time before breakfast to make my lunch.   After breakfast and devotions, most everyone headed to the same job sites to continue their work.

Abe installed a bi-fold door and  then continued installing the cabinets, which turned out to be a challenge because the walls were not square and if the cabinets were installed as designed, there would be a 1 ” gap at the ends.   He did an excellent job of making the cabinets fit and look aesthetically pleasing.

John has become very good at installing the trim and he finished most of it after he helped me with cutting some of the bathroom wall tiles.

Sam Dyck joined us after 3 pm and started painting some of the doors.

We quit at 4:45 pm so that we could get back to camp for a special supper.   We had time to take showers before we left at 5:45 pm for supper at the Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ ( USCC ), who want to thank us for the work we were doing in their community by serving us a traditional meal.   The USCC is a religious community of the Doukhobours, who are Russians that adopted pacifism and were persecuted by the Orthodox church, as well as the Russian government, before immigrating to Canada to escape their oppressors.   Many settled in the prairies, however a large group settled in Grand Forks in the early 1900’s.   More information about the Doukhobours can be found at – .

It was fitting that the meal consisted of Borsht, however, the dessert was non-traditional lemon meringue pie.   The ladies gave thanks for the meal in Russian and also said a prayer, in Russian, after the meal. The soup was so good that I had 4 bowls.

After socializing with the ladies, we thanked them for the meal and headed back to camp, where everyone chose different methods to relax for the rest of the evening.