Day 11 – Grand Forks

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The morning activities were similar to the previous day.   After making our lunches, eating breakfast and sharing devotions, some of us loaded countertops for the Radek house on Sam’s truck and then John, Abe and myself drove to the ‘ Radek ‘ house and unloaded the countertops from Sam’s truck.

John continued install trim and some baseboards.

Abe installed the kitchen cupboards and the countertops.

We had to cut one section of the countertop because the drawings had placed the stove in the wrong location.   This meant that we had to make other alterations in order to make everything fit properly.

I started tiling the bathroom walls around the shower.

Cole led a large group, who were insulating the walls and covering it with vapour barrier, in the ‘ Redding House ‘.   Justin and Bethany continued installing trim in the ‘ Walter ‘ house while  Sam and Ernie did ‘ odd jobs  and ran errands..

It was a warm sunny day with a daytime high of 28 C ( 82 F ).   By the time we drove back to camp, it had cooled down a bit.

At suppertime, we were joined by Radek Grundel and his family for dinner.   After we ate the main course, they shared their emotional, traumatic experiences during the flood.  We finished the evening with some dessert and socializing.

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