Day 27 – Saipan

Friday, April 5, 2019

By 7:00, we all left the hotel for the job site where John’s team of Sandy, Jeff, Dan and Anet were working to repair the roof for Lou.  When we got there, Anet asked me to take the following picture of the flowers on the tree at the front of Lou’s house.

As usual, we had a prayer for a safe and productive day after we had unpacked the tool trailer.  We picked up a few tools that we needed and then Robert, William and I drove to our job site at ‘ Junior’s ‘ house.

When we arrived at the job site, we found Junior sleeping after a long night of shuttling people from the airport to hotels.   We tried to keep as quiet as possible while we started installing the metal on the right side of the hip roof and secure the plywood to the walls.

At lunch time, Junior told us that he was involved in a program to support youth by teaching them car maintenance and helping them rebuild cars which were sometimes used for drag racing on the island.   Apparently, drag racing is legal but only late at night on the north end of the island and the youth would frequently race on Thursday and Friday nights at 11 pm.

By 2:30 pm we had completed installation of the metal on the right and back side of the house.

We packed up all of our tools and headed to John’s job site to put the tools in the trailer.   When we arrived there, the other team had already finished the roof on the house and had left.  Lou was very pleased with the results.  We packed our tools in the trailer and then returned to the hotel shortly after 3 pm.

Harold had told us that Ashlyn from FEMA would be at the hotel to review the expense report process with us at 4:30 pm, however, she cancelled shortly before the meeting, so we decided to have our review meeting and devotions, early.   Afterwards we went to the Spicy Thai restaurant for supper and to ‘ Scoops ‘ for some ice cream.

Robert, Dan, Jeff M, William and Anet wanted to see the drag racing, so I agreed to drive them to the north end of the island at 10:30 pm, however, when we got there, there was no racing, so we drove to the top of Suicide Cliff to get a high view of the island.   It was a clear night which allowed us to see the different areas of the island as well as experience some star-gazing.   By the time we arrived back at the hotel, it was midnight.

Roger, Jeff K, Sandy, Jeff M, Dan and I have been scheduled to fly out of Saipan on  Saturday morning at 9:15 am in order to return home and we each have long flights ahead of us this weekend.

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