Day 25 – Saipan

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

We all went to Lou ( short for Lourdes )  house in the morning.   John, Sandy, Jeff, Dan and Anet continued the installation of the rafters, hurricane straps and plywood support on the back half of the house.

Meanwhile Robert, William and I gathered tools for our next job site and then we cut some metal for the owner of our previous job before delivering it to him.  He was very happy with his new roof and the family had already painted the concrete walls and cleaned up the area under the new roof.

At 8:30 we  drove to the new job site, unpacked our tools and started to remove the remnants of the tarps that had been used to cover the roof, as well as,  remove the remaining metal, purlins and homemade eaves.

The homemade eaves were made from 2 x 4 that had been covered with metal so they were heavy and we had to cut them up and slowly lower them to the ground.   By 2:30 pm we had cut the overhangs in the right side and back of the house to a 12″ length and installed the first 2 rows of purlins.

We packed up our tools and were back at the hotel by 3 pm, in time for me to take a shower before driving Jeff, Sandy, William, Dan and Anet to go swimming and snorkelling at Obyan Beach.

We got back to the hotel shortly after 5 pm in plenty of time for our review meeting.  After the meeting we went to IHOP for supper, and then a few people went grocery shopping while the rest went straight back to the hotel.

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