Day 24 – Saipan

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

As I ate my breakfast, I was able to get a better picture of the sunrise in the morning as compared to the previous day.

After breakfast, we all headed to the site where John’s crew had been working.    As I had mentioned on a previous entry, the owner’s name is Lou and she lives next to her brother, Joe, whose house was ripped off of its foundation by Typhoon Yutu.

We continued to put up purlins on the main part of the house and plywood sheeting on the end of the house.    At 8 am we were required to go to an orientation and safety meeting with FEMA with the other groups rebuilding homes on the island.

At 9 am we returned to the house and as we started to install the metal sheets, Harold brought another volunteer, Robert Prinse, to the job site, as well as, Roger Sharp ( MDS Region 4 Chairman ) and Jeff Koller ( MDS Region 3 & 4 Operations Coordinator ).

We continued to put on the steel on the left side of the roof, stopping for a pizza lunch that Radar had picked up for us.

At 1 pm Harold picked me up to look at a new job that he wants to start tomorrow.

It’s a fixer-upper, with a hip roof and 2 shed roofs.   Fortunately the roof trusses appear to be sturdy and we may just have to install purlins and metal sheeting.

After reviewing the status of the house, we drove back to the other job site and I helped put one layer of metal sheeting on the right side of the house before we packed up the tools and headed back to the hotel at 2:30.

When we got back, Radar, Anet and William went snorkelling at Pau Pau Beach while the rest of us took showers and relaxed until our meeting at 5:30 pm.

For supper we walked the short distance to the Surf club where John took a seat in a special chair.

After supper I took Sandy, Robert and William to the JoeTen for some groceries before we returned to the hotel for the night.

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