Day 22 – Saipan

Sunday, March 31, 2019

We had breakfast in our hotel rooms, as usual, after which Dan and Anet went to the church he had attended the previous week and the rest of us went to the Saipan Community Church on the Beach.   The youth led the worship at the church and the speaker’s topic was based on 1 Peter 1.   During the announcements, they mentioned that they had presented the gospel of Jesus Christ and distributed Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes to more than 500 children on Saturday.   It was nice to be at one of the locations where the shoe boxes, some of which may have come from the Niagara area back home,  were being distributed.

After church, Dan and Anet went swimming, while Harold, John, Sandy, Jeff and I went to the ” Spicy Thai Noodle Place ” for lunch.   After lunch, we went for a drive around the island to see the various sites, most of which I had seen before, but Sandy and Jeff hadn’t.   We stopped by the memorial where the Japanese had made their last stand during World War II,

as well as, Bonzai Cliff.

Colourful and especially pink cars are very popular with the tourists on the islands, especially the ‘ Barbie ‘ mustangs with doors that open up instead of out.  At Bonzai cliff there was a swarm of tourists, who appeared to be part of a wedding party, taking pictures on the cars.

We also checked out the steep view from the top of Suicide Cliff.

From there we drive to the Grotto,

Bird Island,

as well as ‘ Kalabera Cave ‘, which I hadn’t seen.

From left to right: Harold, Sandford ( Sandy ), Jeff and John.

We returned to the hotel around 3 pm and at 5:30 pm we drove to Garapan to have supper at the Country House Restaurant and we returned to the hotel at 8 pm.

The weekend was over and Monday we will continue building roofs.   There are so many roofs to be repaired/replaced that many


Day 21 – Saipan

Saturday, March 30, 2019

After breakfast, Harold and I drove Phil and Richard to the airport at 7:30 am for their flight back home and then we stopped at Winchell’s for a coffee and donut, where we met a couple of the Baptist volunteers from Kentucky.  We conversed with them for a few minutes before heading back to the hotel for devotions.

At 10 am, Harold, John, Jeff, Anet and I went to the NMI Heritage Museum for a few hours.   The Marianna Islands are now a commonwealth of the United States but they have been under the rule of several different countries, including Spain and Germany, however, the 30 years from 1914 to 1944 that they were occupied by the Japanese has resulted in the most artifacts donated to the museum.  The museum has a very good website explaining the heritage of the islands –

We were back at the hotel before noon and then Dan, Anet, Jeff, Sandy and I went to Pau Pau beach for a couple of hours of swimming and snorkelling.   At 2 pm I drove Jeff and Sandy back to the hotel and then Dan, Anet and I went to Bird Island for some more swimming and snorkelling.

The dirt path down to Bird Island was fairly steep and rugged but not very long.

The closeup view of the island was worth going there.

The beach was very rocky, so Dan and Anet had to carefully find the best path to get to the island.   I went into the beach but I didn’t cross over to the island.

We left Bird Island at 4:30 and returned to the hotel for a quick shower in preparation for supper.   Harold, Sandy, John, Jeff and I went to the American Pizza and Grill on Beach Road, while Dan and Anet went to the ” all you can eat” buffet at the GrandVrio hotel.   After we ate, Jeff, John and I went to the Garapan Fire Station to see if Jeff could buy one of their shirts.   There was only one volunteer at the Fire House and he told us to come back during the week.

We returned to the hotel at 7:30 pm and at 8:30 pm, I drove back to Garapan to pick up Dan and Anet after they finished their Fish and Sushi buffet in order to bring them back to the hotel for the night.