Day 20 – Saipan

Friday, March 29, 2019

After making our own breakfasts at the hotel, both teams arrived at the job sites by 7 am and unloaded the tools before continuing where we had finished the day before.   At 8 am, we Jeff, Sandy and I went to the other site to help them install the trusses that they had build.

Meanwhile, Anet had stayed on our job site to continue installing hurricane straps.   When the trusses had all been set on the house, we returned to our job site at 9:30 and continued installing purlins and hurricane straps.   At 11:30, Harold arrived at the job site with the case worker, Janet, to bring us some ice cream.

Shortly thereafter the owner offered us a big lunch of crab salad, chicken kabobs, beef stew and rice.   I am over-whelmed by the generosity of the Saipanians.

With full stomachs, we waddled back to work and by the end of the day we had installed most of the hurricane straps, all of the purlins and the first sheet of metal.

By 3 pm we had packed up our tools and headed back to the hotel.

After our project review and devotions, Phil and Richard were asked to select a restaurant for our evening meal since they would be leaving the following morning, so they picked the Majesty Chinese restaurant for supper.   After supper I drove some of the volunteers to the JoeTen Shopping centre to pick up some groceries before returning to the hotel.

I am ready for a little R & R to heal and regenerate so that I can do it all again next week.

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