Day 19 – Saipan

Thursday, Mar 29,2019

Ed wanted to get one last donut before he left to go home so I stopped at Winchell’s one last time for him and since we were there, several of the volunteers in my car decided they wanted to get a donut as well.   After getting the donuts, I drove Phillip to work with John, Radar and Richard, before heading to our site.

Ed, Jeff, Sandy and I continued to install the rafters and a support beam for the roof while Anet nailed on 90 hurricane ties and joist hangers.

At 11:30 am, the owner’s wife brought us a delicious meal of a salad, rice, beef and peppers and Kentucky Fried chicken.

By the time the temperatures got hot, we were starting to install the purlins and it was getting hard to work even though there was an occasional breeze.

The team at the other house finished building roof trusses and installed the top wall plates.   When we arrived there at 2:30 pm to pick them up, we helped them pack up their tools before driving back to the hotel.

At 4 pm, Harold drove Ed to the airport to catch his 6:50 flight home, as well as, pick up a rental car for John.

After the project review and devotions, most of the volunteers went to the open market along the beach for supper.  Harold, Anet and I opted to go to the local KFC/Taco Bell for a light meal.


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