Day 16 – Saipan

Monday, March 25, 2019

Breakfast was different than the previous weeks.   Since we had kitchen facilities, we ate breakfast in our units and met at 6:50 am in the foyer of the hotel.

Shortly after 7 am we were back at the house.    After unloading the tools, Philip and Anet and I finished the back of the roof and put on the ridge caps.

Two new volunteers, Sandford Stauffer and Jeff Mosier from upper New York, arrived at the job site at 10 am after they had checked into the hotel following their long flights.   Jeff, with help from Sandford ( aka Sandy ) removed the roof from the room attached to the side of the house.

Sandy helped Ed and Radar finish the right gable end of the house and the front facia and Jeff helped Ed finish the gable on the left end of the house.

Richard worked on repairing roof trusses some of which were infested with termites.

By the end of the day we had finished the main roof, closed most of the gable ends, removed the roof from the additional room on the left side of the house and repaired most of the rafters in the house.

We returned to the hotel at 3 pm, cleaned up, had our project review meeting and devotions before going to the Surf Club for our evening meal.   We experienced  another spectacular sunset as we walked along the beach and waited for our meal at the restaurant.

And a good night to all from Saipan……..