Day 14 – Saipan

Saturday, March 23, 2019

I was awake early and at 4:30 am I decided to go to the foyer and wait for the others.

By 6 am most of the volunteers were at our morning devotional meeting and by 6:30 we drove to Winchell’s for one last breakfast together before Duane, Greg, Kendall and Danny would leave for the airport to catch their flights home.   Their flight was scheduled for them to have an overnight stay in Guam before heading to Honolulu and then the mainland.

Ed and Harold joined me for breakfast at the IHOP and then we headed back to the hotel for some R & R and to do some laundry.    A few of us spent some time in the pool area after which, Ed and I went to ” Tasty Burger ” for lunch.

In the evening, Phil, Richard, Dan and Anet had the Buffet dinner at the hotel while Harold, Ed and I went to ” Wild Bills “.

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