Day 13 – Saipan

Friday, March 22, 2019

As usual, we all went to Winchell’s in the morning, after which, Kendall, Greg and Radar went to back to Ben’s house, the one that they had finished a few days ago and completed some interior work for them.

Duane, Ed, Phil, Richard, Danny, Anet and I went back to the house we were working on and Harold took PR to the airport to catch his flight back home.

The humidity was a little lower than the previous day when we arrived at the house, but it would soon become very sunny and hot.

Shortly before lunch, Greg and Kendall joined our crew.   By lunch time, we had completed framing the roof at the back of the house, installing most of the hurricane straps, installing the purlins and had gotten a good start with installing the metal on the roof.   Radar brought some of us lunches that we had ordered, however, the owner had made us a big pot of spaghetti, so we sat in the shade of the new roof over the porch to eat it.

It was extremely hot and a few of us were feeling exhausted and had to stop working, cool down and rest.

By the end of the day we had finished all of the metal on the front of the house and prepared the back of the house for the installation of metal.

We arrived back at the hotel at 3 pm, had our regular project review meeting and devotions at 5:30 pm.   At 6:30 we drove to Ben’s house ( where Greg, Kendall and Radar had worked in the morning ) for a wonderful BBQ of mackerel, pork belly, pork ribs, beef ribs, chicken, rice, a chinese noodle dish and a potato  salad.

I met Ben’s youngest son, Ralph and I talked with him for a little while.   Ralph was named after his uncle and his grandfather.

We had a good time visiting with the family who were extremely happy for their new roof, walls, doors and windows.    We were all quite tired by the time we returned to the hotel for the evening.

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