Day 12 – Saipan

Thursday, March 21, 2019

It had rained overnight and it was very humid when we left the hotel.   Shortly after we started working, we were soaked, due to the high humidity and although the official weather forecast stated that it was only 80%, it was the most humid day we have had.

We started at the new project house by removing the old beam used for supporting the roof in the front porch area and installing a new beam.

Then we started to remove the old termite infested and damaged wood on the front of the house.

While I was removing some of the rafters, I spotted a lime green gecko, on the top of a wall.

We noticed that the owners had many trophies, so we checked them out and most were for dart championships.

At lunchtime, the other crew had finished the roof of the house they had started the previous day, so Greg, Kendall and Dan went back to do a few additional items at the house they had finished a few days earlier and Phil, Richard and Ed joined Duane, PR, Danny, Anet and myself as we finished the rafters and purlins on the front of the house and the porch area.

We returned to the hotel just before 3 pm and gathered for the normal review of the day and devotions at 5:30 pm.    After the meeting most of us went to the Country House for our evening meal before returning to the hotel for the night.

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