Day 9 – Saipan

Monday, March 18, 2019

The weekend was over.  It was time to get back to doing something constructive.

There was a slight breeze in the air as we headed for breakfast at 6 am.

We reached our job sites before 7 am and continued the work we had left unfinished on Friday.   The teams were mostly the same, however with the addition of Richard, there was an extra person and he was put on Greg’s team, which included Kendall, Phillip, Ed and Radar.

Anet was traded back to our team for a first round draft choice next week.   In addition to Anet, our team consisted of Duane, PR, Danny and myself.  It didn’t take us long to get the remaining purlins and their supports on the one side of the house so we started installing the metal roof.

Anet continued to install the hurricane straps from the inside of the house, where the owner’s mother, brother and sister watched.  The owner helped us whenever we needed an extra hand.   The owner has a few large pigs and some piglets in the back yard.   On Friday, Duane’s hat flew into the pig pen after a gust of wind removed it from his head.   Danny and I retrieved it for him using a long hook the owner had.   Today a gust of wind blew a plastic container with a few drill bits into the pig pen.   I still have to retrieve it, but I have been led to believe that the pigs might attack me if I go into the pen.  I can’t imagine that a pig would attack a Hamm.   Tomorrow I will try to lower a ladder into the pen when the pigs are sleeping to try and get the drill bits – stay tuned…you might see me on the news!

While I was working on the side of the house, a rat ran and hid in the area that I was working.   I don’t think they can climb ladders….?

When Radar showed up at lunch, he informed us that there was no salad available for lunch and since I didn’t want to eat much, I opted to try some of the food the owner had provided for us before he went to his auto mechanics course.

By the end of the day we had finished the roof on one side of the house and had a good deal of the preparation completed for the other side of the roof.

It was mostly overcast and there had been occasional breezes during the day so it was a good day to work.   In fact, we worked longer than usual and didn’t leave the job site until about 3:30 pm.

We had our usual review of the days work, followed by devotions, after which we went to the Surf Club for our evening meal.   There was another beautiful sunset while we were sitting at the restaurant on the beach.


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