Flight to Guam

Friday/Saturday March 8/9, 2019

The flights went as expected but it was a long haul.   After almost 20 flying hours and 26 hours of travel time, I arrived in Guam.

I cleared customs quickly and found a taxi to take me to my hotel.

It is believed that many of the indigenous population of Guam originally came from the Philippines, which is west of the Marianna Islands, however, it is now a US territory and is federally supported by the US government.

It was only a 6 km ( 4 mile ) drive to the hotel,  but there was enough time for me to find out that my taxi driver was a recent immigrant from the Philippines, having arrived in 2007 after finishing his university in the Philippines and since english is a requirement at the university, his english was very good.

Upon arrival, I checked into the Days Inn Hotel near the airport for the night.   The agent at the hotel arranged for a 5:30 am shuttle service to the airport so that I will have enough time to catch my 7:30 am flight to Saipan.

After bringing my bags to my room, I walked a short distance down the street to get a small pizza at a local Papa Johns, before heading back to hotel room to get some un-interrupted sleep before my last flight.

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