Day 7 – Muramvya

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

It was a comfortable morning and there was a mist in the valley below the lodge where we were staying.

After breakfast at the Lodge, we drove to the Harvest School at 9 am, picking up water along the way.   It is very common for Burundians to carry items on their head, particularly women and children.

I couldn’t help wondering if there would be any demand for me to start a class for teaching people in Canada to do this.

When we arrived at the school we continued to put plastic covers on the library books.

For a while we had to close the windows to the library because of a heavy rain with high winds that passed through the area.

We again had the opportunity to join the teachers for lunch, after which we participated in their club classes.   These classes are held every Wednesday afternoon and it gives the students time to participate in activities they might be interested in.

Some of the children were participating in a drumming session. 

Gisela led a class in singing a few English songs.

Jeff and Michele led a games class with 60 children, with Gisela’s assistance.    Meanwhile Andrew, with the assistance of Doug, Matthias, Rachel and myself, led a science class.

At the end of the school day the primary school children line up in front of the flag and sing the national anthem while the flag is taken down,  before going home.

When we got back to the Lodge, we had supper, debriefed about the day and then some team members played a game, while others relaxed before going to bed.