Day 9 – Sarnia

July 26, 2013

After a leisurely breakfast and completing my journal for the previous day, Sauro, Marianne and I brought the rear wheel of my bicycle to Blackwell Cycle.   I had hoped that they could re-spoke the entire wheel but I was told that it was a long process, especially since they were sponsoring the ‘ Grand Bend to London MS Bike Tour ‘ that was going to take place during the upcoming weekend.   However, they would be able to replace the broken spoke by the end of the day.

I took the opportunity to relax, visit with my friends and we go for a walk along the waterfront before picking up the finished wheel.

I have travelled 713 km in the past 8 days and I plan to travel north for a few more days before heading back home.

I plan to take a short ride to the outskirts of Grand Bend and stay there overnight before continuing on my journey.



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