Day 13 – Redondela, Spain

Saturday July 8, 2017

It was a warm sunny day as we hiked the 20 km ( 12 miles ) from Vigo to our hotel in the Redondela area. The temperature climbed to 29 C ( 85 F ) and we were glad whenever we had a little shade.

We had breakfast at a cafe across the street before we left and we were back on the trail by 9:30. It took us almost an hour to get past the outskirts of Vigo, at which time we had a steep climb of 100 meters ( 350 ft ).

The benefit of hiking up the mountain is that we had a great view and you can even see the outskirts of Vigo in the distance.

We hiked through some streets in a small town before we enetered a trail used by many local hikers and bikers.

Shortly after we started on the dirt path we met a Camino hiker named Geralyn from New York and we spent a few hours hiking together.

There was a steep descent down the mountain just before we entered Redondela.

As we travelled through Redondela we met some more hikers that were with a tour group.

As we left Redondela, Geralyn continued on the Camino trail and we took a different route to the Hotel Santo Apostolo. When we got to the hotel, checked in, had a snack, took a shower, did some laundry and rested a bit. As evening approached, I took a picture of Pete and Kathy at the ocean view from the hotel.

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