Day 11 – Baiona, Spain

Thursday July 6, 2017

We had a good nights sleep and and a wonderful breakfast at the hotel before leaving on the 19 km ( 12 mile ) hike for Baiona.

The temperature was in the low 20’s C ( low 70’s F ) with some cloud cover and a slight breeze, which made it very comfortable for walking.

We opted to walk as close to the seashore which added about 4 km distance to our hike but it was very scenic. We saw some of the same scenery we had seen the past few days, as well as some new views that made it worth taking the ocean route.

There were some steep climbs along the way.

At one point we saw a campground, which is something I hadn’t seen before in Portugal or Spain.

Although we were moving at a good pace, we took some time to sit and just enjoy the views.

For most of the day, it was partially cloudy and at one point it rained a bit during the hike but it wasn’t much and not for long, however, it was enough for Kathy to put on her rain poncho for a few minutes.

As we got closer to Baiona, we could see it in the distance.

It is a fairly large resort town and there are numerous activities and things to see. It is a haven for sailboats and the beaches are very nice. There is a large castle for tourists to see and there are a lot of shops, cafes and restaurants.

We hurried a bit near the end of our walk because we could hear thunder in the mountains to the east of the town and we ended up completing our 19 km ( 12 mile ) walk in 4 hours.

We checked into the ARCE Hotel at 2 pm, had some lunch in their cafe, showered and then rested a bit. The hotel is very nice and the owners are an English couple that are very friendly with a great sense of humor. In the late afternoon their was a thunderstorm in the area that we watched from the comfort of the hotel, but it didn’t last long.

For supper we went to a very nice restaurant. During our trip, we have typically spent about 45 Euros for suppers, which included drinks and desserts. This was no exception. We finished our meal with crepes and I had my standard cappuccino.

3 thoughts on “Day 11 – Baiona, Spain

  1. Hello you 3 AMIGOS ,it sure looks like another awsome adventure,gee i get hungry looking @ all that tasty looking food,you got me on the cappucino,oh well poor us we
    have to make our own,leftovers.Eh no problema,we are enjoying all the wonderfull
    pictures,see we tag along for free.,and rellaxing in our comfi chairs,
    one of your favorite sister

  2. Ralf, enjoying reading about all the adventures that the three of you are having and the memories you are creating.
    Still drinking cappucino’s, eh? :o) Had to chuckle when I read that comment.
    Have you folks been meeting lots of interesting folks on this journey?

    1. Yes Cheryl, I’m still drinking my cappuccinos and we have met lots of interesting people. Unfortunately, I can’t write about all of my experiences because it would take too much time.

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