Day 10 – Viladesuso, Spain

Wednesday July 5, 2017

It was a cool overcast morning and we had a very simple breakfast at the hostel before leaving A Guarda for our 16 km ( 10 mile ) hike. The temperature reached a high of 21 C ( 70 F ).

The trail started along the rugged seashore.

Most of the trail was close to the shore, however sections of the trail went along the highway and through wooded areas.

We have noticed several different types of wild flowers that I didn’t recognize, so I took pictures of a few of them.

There were areas where the houses had been abandoned,

and other areas where there were beautiful houses with well manicured lawns.

We were looking for a place to eat in a small town along the shore when I captured this picture of a goat herder going through the town with 3 goats.

We stopped at a restaurant and the bartender told us that he wouldn’t be able to offer us anything to eat until 1 pm, except a tortilla, which turned out to be a delicious frittata. The fritatta was a pie made of eggs and potatoes. Because we don’t speak the language, we have had a little trouble ordering food and we typically get much more than we anticipated but it has always been good.

We reached the Hotel Costa Verde at 2:30 pm, checked in and had a light lunch before we cleaned up and relaxed a bit. For supper we ordered a grilled Hake fish dinner plus a salad. For once there was the right amount of food and it was delicious.

2 thoughts on “Day 10 – Viladesuso, Spain

  1. I just love hearing about your travels! I think I might recognize the flowers – the yellow ones are called nasturtium and their flowers and leaves are actually edible with a peppery taste. I’ve grown them in the past and have sometimes decorated a salad with them. The others could possibly be columbine. So interesting to see all the pictures of your surroundings each day!

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