Preparation for Tangiers, Portugal & Spain

Several years ago, my friend Kathy Roethler and her husband Peter, introduced me to ” The Camino Trail ” ( also known by many other names including ” The Way of St. James – see the link at for more details ). Many people hike the trails every year and there was even a movie made about one of the trails in 2010 by Emilio Estevez, called ” The Way “.

Kathy has wanted to hike one of the trails for several years and we have finally put together a plan to accomplish this.

There are many trails that lead to Santiago to Compostela and myself, Kathy and her husband Pete, have chosen to hike the same section of the trail that our friends Erv, Esther & Sigrid hiked from Porto, Portugal to Santiago, Spain. The 143 mile ( 230 km ) trail we have chosen, will meander northward along the Atlantic coast before heading inland when we reach the Spanish border. However, we will be making a side trip to Tangiers, Morocco for a few days before we start our 2 week hike.

Our flights leave on June 25th at 23:55 from Toronto Airport to Lisbon.

After a short stopover, we will continue to Tangiers, Morocco where we will arrive shortly before midnight on Monday evening.

We will be staying in Tangiers for 3 nights and we plan to take a few excursions around Morocco, before flying to Porto, Portugal after a brief stopover in Lisbon.

We will be spending the night in Porto before starting our 2 week hike to Santiago.

We hope to reach Santiago in 14 day and spend 1 or 2 nights there before taking the train back to Lisbon.

Our return flight to Canada will be leaving Lisbon on July 17th and we should arrive back home shortly before midnight.

11 thoughts on “Preparation for Tangiers, Portugal & Spain

  1. Hi Rolf, Good to hear form you and trust you will take us along by way of lots of photos. I don’t expect to travel to that part of the world.

    Happy travel,


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  2. Bon voyage and good luck on the trip. We will look for you to post photos! From – Agi Dover (Peter and Kathy’s niece)

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