Day 7 & 8 – Lafayette and Trip Home

Friday, Nov. 25, 2016

Maria went with Gordon, Spencer and myself to Mary’s house, to help with the work there, while Peter and Margaret went to another house to finish up some drywall work.

Spencer and I trimmed the metal roofing to make it fit around the relocated chimney and then installed and caulked the flashing for it.



Maria and Mary painted the wood that had been installed to replace the rotten wood around the bottom of the house.

Gordon removed a window that faced into the garage and replaced it with a door.


Bruce came to help by mid-morning and he relocated some wiring that ran under the window that Gordon had removed.

During the week, Spencer had enjoyed occasionally playing with Mary’s dog, Champion. Spencer would let the Champion bite his glove and then he would pick him up with it.


At 1 pm, Bruce drove Spencer and I back to the campsite so that we could clean up and pack our bags for our trip back home. Spencer and I left Lafayette at 2:15 pm CST (3:15 pm EST) for the 20 1/2 hr drive home. We only stopped for short breaks or to fill the car with gas, however, when we reached Kentucky, we were both very tired so we stopped for an 2-hour rest before continuing on our way. With the stops, it took us an extra 3 hours so that we were back home just before 3 pm on Saturday afternoon.


Spencer and I had a very good time in Lafayette and we were glad that we had made the effort to go. Everyone had been very good to us, the food was outstanding and we had both learned a lot of new things. Although we had taken time to go to Lafayette to help in whatever way we could, we both felt that we had greatly benefitted from the trip and had received more out of it than we had given.

The team for the week is pictured below:


From left to right: Spencer Miller, Joan Dyck, Ralf Hamm, Margaret and Peter Goertzen, Maria and Gordon Martens, Bruce and Marj Weber.

3 thoughts on “Day 7 & 8 – Lafayette and Trip Home

  1. JUST got back from Las Vegas where I was staying with a friend who used to be with the Shaw Festival (16 years) but now is appearing with Cirque du Soleil in their production of LOVE, the Beatle musical. Read with interest your adventures. I admire you….Les

  2. Hi Ralf
    Once again, I fully enjoyed your reports, every day.
    Helping people to restore their homes is the best gift you could have given them.
    Have a good trip home. Thank you


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