Day 6 – Lafayette

Thursday, Nov. 24, 2016,

Although it was American Thanksgiving, our day started the same as always, making our lunches, having breakfast and devotions, packing our tools on the truck and heading to the job site at Mary’s house.

Peter and I worked on repairing the roof,

while Gordon and Spencer finished building the frame for the fireplace.

In the afternoon we worked together in order to route the chimney stack through the roof and then re-install the the steel roofing.


By the end of the day Gordon and Spencer had the fireplace installed, just before Mary came home from her Thanksgiving lunch. She was very happy to see that she had her fireplace back because it was one of the few things she wanted to keep.

We returned to camp a little early so that we could have Thanksgiving dinner together with the family of one of the flood victims, whose house MDS had repaired a few weeks ago. After an excellent dinner the clients and some of the volunteers played a game of scrabble.

We found out tonight that the large group of Amish men and women from Indiana were not going to be able to come next week because they didn’t have a driver. Bruce asked me Spencer and I if we would be able to stay next week because they would only have 2 short term workers available. I told him that I would see if it would be possible, however, I had made a commitment for Monday back home.

2 thoughts on “Day 6 – Lafayette

  1. Hey neighbor ,I thought your travelling days for this year were to be put on hold . I see you changed your mind and being called to help has been and always be a strong point in you . Here in Florida things are going along just fine great weather and no rain for a whole month which I find a bit strange.Our shuffling teams are missing a few people for various reasons so each team is helping till things get back to normal-I’m now running our Fri golf gang and slowly getting the hang of things .I’ll give you a shout in a week or so when your home Ha Ha si till then stay safe and be well Bill ——————————————-

    1. Thanks Bill,

      My trip to Lafayette was definitely a change in my plans but I am glad that I was able to do it.
      I hope that you continue to have good weather in Florida. Enjoy your time there.

      Take care.


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