Day 5 – Lafayette

Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2016,

It was warm enough in the morning that I was able to wear my T-shirt on my walk to the building where we have our meals.

The place where we are staying is part of “Our Saviour’s Church” in Broussard ( ). The church owns a large property and along with the church building, there is a very large hall where we have our meals, many large buildings with sleeping accommodations, a swimming pool, a basketball court, and several large parking lots. The church was able to collect over one million dollars after the flood hit the area and they have partnered with Love Acadiana for the ongoing relief efforts of the flood ( ).

Peter, Gordon, Spencer and I returned to Mary’s house and we worked on finishing the wall we had removed. However, by mid morning, it started to rain forcing us to work indoors. The rain continued for several hours, so we completed some electrical work, put in some insulation and replaced some boards. When the rain finally stopped, Pete and I went back outside, completed building the outside wall and installed the window.


Meanwhile Gard and Spencer continued the work inside. They put up insulation and some drywall and then they built a frame for the platform where the fireplace will be located.


We finished just before dark and headed back to camp through the rush hour traffic. We had a quick shower before supper, which consisted of pirogies and sausages, with ice cream and cake for dessert. After supper, several people spent time finishing the jigsaw puzzle and others played scrabble.

Tomorrow is the American Thanksgiving and all of the stores will be closed, however, we have enough material at to keep us busy all day.

One thought on “Day 5 – Lafayette

  1. Hi Ralf and Spencer
    I enjoy reading your daily journal to hear how you are all very dedicated workers in helping others.
    It sounds like the ladies also know just how to feed you fellows.
    Happy blessings, Carol

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