Saipan – Day 20

Friday, September 22, 2016

Ed took Pete, Mary, Daniel and Blake to the airport at 1:30 am to catch the 4:15 flight to Guam. I found out in the morning that their flight didn’t leave Saipan until 8:50 am, so I am interested in finding out what their new flight plans are. It had rained all night long and sometimes there were torrential and some of the roads had large pools of water and debris on them.

We slept in and didn’t get up until 6 am. Ed cooked some eggs and made some toast for breakfast, then Don and Jay went to Lilly’s house and finished installing the hurricane straps to the rafters. Ed and I went to Anna’s house and finished the trimming of the doors and windows.

It rained all morning, sometimes with very high winds.

Both jobs were finished by noon so we brought the tool trailer to Mercedes’ house. Don and Jay nailed some plywood on the outside of the house while I installed one of the windows.

We packed up at 3 pm so that Don and Jay could tour the visitors center at the American Memorial Park. Afterwards we checked out the old Japanese Jail because there is a rumor that Amelia Earhart had scratched her initials in one of the cells, but they were so overgrown that we didn’t find anything that might look like her initials.

We then went back to camp, cleaned up and went out for dinner and now I am preparing to fly home. When I arrived in Saipan, I noticed that my flight took one day longer to get back home, so I checked my tickets and found that the agent had given me a 1 day layover in Honolulu. When I asked her about it, she told me that it was a mistake on her part and that she had gotten confused by the time change from Guam to Honolulu, so she changed it.
If all goes well, I will be flying out Saturday morning at 4:15 am ( 2:15 pm on Friday night EDT ) and I will be arriving in Buffalo at 4:22 pm, Saturday night after 26 hours of travel instead of 50 hrs that the agent had originally booked me for.
There will be 5 flights.
Saipan to Guam:
Guam to Honolulu:
Honolulu to Denver:
Denver to Chicago:
And Chicago to Buffalo:

I’m tired just thinking about it.

I will update my journal after I arrive home, in case there are any more adventures along the way.

3 thoughts on “Saipan – Day 20

  1. Wow now all is clear,and your adventure is on shedule,i am happy ,thought
    i was getting confused.
    We wish you safe travel,looking forward to seeing you,,it will be PARTY time
    @ Ralfs house ???

    Yep , i think the RUMR ,s are looking forward to FASPA
    i am mixing the dough,as i write ????

  2. Prayers for safe and uneventful flights.
    A layover day in Honolulu wouldn’t have been all bad, but good you were able to get your travel plans all straightened out.

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