Saipan – Day 19

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Don, Blake and Jay went to Lilly’s house to continue repair work on her roof. They removed the nails for the galvanized roofing and replaced them with screws. They also installed more hurricane straps for the roof. It was a tight squeeze under the roof but they managed somehow.

At rained off and on all day long. Some times there were high winds along with torrential downpours.

Pete, Daniel and I went back to Anna’s house finished the work there. We finished filling in the cracks around the windows and doors with concrete as well as some minor jobs.

We also installed 2 inside and 2 outside doors the old fashioned way, by drilling the holes, mounting all of the hardware and levelling them.

When Anna’s brother came over to visit us, he told us that he was cold. It was 27 C ( 80 F )! I guess cold is a relative term. Anna’s sister also came to visit us and ask us a few questions.

When we finished all of the work, we packed up and headed back to camp.

In the evening, the pastor from Church 360 and his family joined us for supper. We had a very good meal and a wonderful visit with them.

The volunteers from Arkansas, Peter, Mary, Daniel and Blake, are scheduled to fly out at 4:15 tomorrow morning to go back home but we just found out that the lights are out at the airport in Saipan because of the weather and there are no flights going out.

I’m not scheduled to fly out until Saturday morning at 4:15 am ( 2:15 pm on Friday EDT ) and arriving at 4:22 pm EDT in Buffalo on Saturday evening, if my flight gets out in time.