Saipan – Day 16

Monday, September 19, 2016

After breakfast, Micah, Blake, Don and Jay returned to Mercedes’ house to continue work on the walls and roof.
By the time they were finished they had all of the galvanized roofing in place.

I went with Pete, Daniel and John David to start work on Anna’s house.
This is what the building looked like before we started.

We installed metal flashing on the end of the building and completed the installation of the ridge cap.

We also installed the supports and the paneling for the ceiling and we started putting up the walls.

When we got back to the campsite and finished supper, we took a group photo.
From left to right, Don Horst, Pete Hochstetler, Mary Hochstetler, Blake Wagner, Ed Buhler, Jay Goering, Micah Miller, Daniel Swartzentruber, Ralf Hamm and John David Thacker.

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