Saipan – Day 12

Thursday, September 15, 2016.

Our morning started out as usual and we were at our jobsites by 7 am. Everything was wet from all of the rain we had received the night before.

Pete’s crew continued the concrete work at Ron’s house.

Our crew went to the house we had checked out the day before and while we waited for the material to rebuild the roof, walls, doors and windows, to be delivered, we started to remove the remnants of the old roof above the back two rooms.

It started to rain quite heavily by 8 am, so both crews stopped for about an hour, while we waited for the rain to end.

When the rain finally stopped, both crews continued the work on the houses. Pete’s crew made good headway and they were able to complete concrete work and install all of the rafters.

Our crew finished ripping off all of the termite-infested wood, poured a small concrete footing for the two front walls, framed the walls and installed the wooden plates on top of the concrete walls.

We worked until almost 4 pm and then headed back to camp because it was a special day and we wanted to celebrate. It was Mary’s birthday and we wanted to take her out for supper so that she didn’t have to cook. I’m sure everyone joins me in wishing Mary a happy birthday.

We went to Bubba Gumps and had a nice meal. The staff surprised Mary by singing a special happy birthday song for her. Daniel recorded a video of it. Its not available, yet, for me to post but as soon as I have been able to copy it to a drive on the internet, I will let you know and I will post a link to it.

After supper we went to the local street market and several of the volunteers bought some souvenirs there. I won’t spoil the surprise by telling you what everyone bought. The can show you when they get back home.

3 thoughts on “Saipan – Day 12

  1. Thanks again Ralf for sharing each day from the rain days, the breaks, times of prayer, pleasure, relaxation and BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS. I look forward to reading each new day…..Blessings to all…

  2. Hi Ralf, really enjoying your blogs so far. I’m wondering if you have any more room at this MDS site. I’d like to come volunteer, and I applied online Monday, but I haven’t gotten any response yet. Do you know if they are still accepting people to come in october?


    1. I have heard that MDS is looking for people to come here.
      I have forwarded your comment to John Eshleman. He is the person in charge of organizing the work crews.

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