Saipan – Day 10

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

After a hearty breakfast, we drove to the same jobsites that we were on the previous day. It was a little cooler and a little less humid at 6:30 in the morning but it didn’t take long before it was hot and humid again.

Daniel, Pete and John David were at Ron’s house again, where they continued to lay blocks. Ron took a picture of Daniel while he was laying blocks.

Micah, Blake, Don, Jay and myself were back at the house where we had started the day before.

Micah and Don continued building the soffit until it rained and then they joined Blake, Jay and myself inside, where we were installing the paneling in the ceiling.

In the following picture, Blake was preparing the support for installing the paneling in the ceiling.

I took a picture of Micah and Jay as they were cutting the paneling to fit on the ceiling. The paneling was so flimsy that it could be cut with a utility knife. The 4×8 sheets were about as thick as linoleum but as flexible as wallpaper, so you can imagine how difficult it was to nail it to the ceiling.

It wasn’t until lunch time that it started to rain and when it did, it came down in a torrential downpour. The water streamed down the roof and small streams of water could be seen everywhere. Ron, the owner of the house where Daniel, Pete and John David were working told them, just before it started to rain, that it would last for at least 3 hours. He was right! Until now we hadn’t seen any significant rain since we arrived in Saipan and this time it was excessive.

We finished the inside work by 2 pm and since there was no more inside work for us, we went to the other site to pick up Pete, Daniel and John David before we headed back to the campsite.

When we got back to the campsite, it continued to rain, off and on and then shortly before supper the power went off for 15 minutes.

Mary had made an excellent meal again. It contained all of the ingredients for making tacos without the shells. For dessert she had made some cookies that we had with ice cream. Although she had made some fresh cinnamon buns we weren’t allowed to eat them because they were for our breakfast.

Jay and I had signed up to do the dishes so we cleaned them before joining the others who were relaxing after the meal. Some of us engaged each other in conversations, read books or magazines or checked things on the internet until we got too tired to stay awake any longer.

3 thoughts on “Saipan – Day 10

  1. Another hard day at the office…Ralf, you and the other gentlemen are very faithful dedicated workers. It is good you take time out for rest and relaxation….Blessings to all.

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