Saipan – Day 9

Monday, September 12, 2016

We have been having issues with the water supply to our complex for the past week and Red Cross had been working to fix the problem. On Sunday evening we were informed that there was no running water available, so we prepared for the night with some buckets of water from the holding tanks. In the morning, there was still no water so we had to do what we could with the lack of water before we went out to the jobsite. It wasn’t until later in the day that we found out that someone had turned off a valve on Sunday night when they were doing some repairs on the lines around the pump and they had forgotten to open the valve back up. That was the most welcome news we had all day.

The temperature was around 30 C ( 86 F ) and it was overcast most of the day with the occasional light showers.

We have worked in several areas of the island. We are staying in a facility that is in the northern end of the island just south of Wing Beach and north of a golf course. The first house we worked on was near the airport in the south of the island. The second house was near the middle of the island, to the east of the American Memorial Park. Today we split up.

As usual, we left the campsite shortly after 6 am. Pete, Daniel and John David went to do some masonry work on a house in the Kagman area, which is located along the central east coast. They added blocks to the outside walls of the house and build forms to make concrete lintels.

Micah, Don, Blake, Jay and myself went to the second house we had worked on to finish the roof. We spent most of the day, adding the finishing touches to the roof, door frames, adding window frames, as well as installing panels and on the underside of the roof. I took pictures of the work but the sun had come out and there was a lot of glare in them.

We finished at 2 pm and then we went to work on another house in the Kagman area. We started removing damaged paneling in the ceiling of the house before it was time to pack up and head back to camp.

As always, Mary made a wonderful supper that included homemade bread and the meal was topped off by a peanut butter and custard cream pie. I thought I would lose weight with all of the hot and humid weather but, instead, I might have to pay extra on my trip back home because I’ll be overweight, not my bags, just me!

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