Saipan – Day 8

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Two new volunteers, John David Thacker from Indiana and Jay Goering from Kansas had arrived the night before and we were introduced to them on Sunday morning.

After a simple breakfast, we attended the service at Church 360 and we heard a very good message on prayer.

After church we went for lunch before going back to the campsite.

In the afternoon, Don took John David and Jay for some sightseeing around the island, while Micah and Blake went golfing. The rest of us took the time to relax.

It was a little cooler and less humid during the day and it rained several times.

We have been having some trouble with the water supply and by mid-afternoon we had no running water in any of the buildings. We had bottled water for drinking and cooking, but the lack of running water made things a little awkward. If the problem doesn’t get fixed, we may be moving to another location.

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