Saipan – Day 7

Saturday, September 9, 2016

Ed spent most of the day reviewing future jobs with Perry, the CARE representative.

Don, Daniel, Pete and Mary, went shopping for groceries in the morning and then toured the island in the afternoon.

I went for a walk to the other side of the island and I got a good picture of the coastline as I walked down the mountainside.

When I got close to the bottom, I stumbled upon a sign showing the direction to ” The Grotto ” and although I didn’t have any water with me, I took the chance that I would be able to make it to the Grotto and back to camp before I would get dehydrated. As I had hoped, there was a vendor selling drinks at the entrance to the Grotto, so I bought a bottle of water.
I took a picture of the grotto from above.

The entrance to the grotto was at the top of a long steep staircase down to the water’s edge.

I couldn’t believe how blue the water was in the grotto.

On my way back from the grotto, I met Don, Daniel, Peter and Mary driving along the road on their sightseeing trip around the island. Mary took some nice pictures during their tour and shared them with me.

When I got back to the campsite, I went golfing with Micah and Blake. The golf course very close to the campsite and there are beautiful views of the coastline from the green on the 10th hole.

The golf course has some beautiful holes with jungle growth all around.

After the golf we returned to the campsite, where we found the others waiting to go out for supper.

6 thoughts on “Saipan – Day 7

  1. Ralf many many thanks for sharing your work journey but also the times of pleasure and relaxation.
    Places I will probably never get to see have been given to me from your travels and your eyes. Blessings…

    1. My golf game was normal for me. Nothing spectacular and nothing terrible.
      However the scenery was beautiful and very few people will ever be able to say they played golf in Saipan.

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