Saipan – Day 2

Monday, September 4, 2016

It was a typical MDS morning, packing our lunches, having breakfast, devotions, discussions of job assignments and packing the work vehicle before heading to the job site.

We are the first group in Saipan and we are expecting to start building a new home soon, but there were still some permits that need to be completed before we start so we worked on replacing the roof on a house.
P1040255 (1024x768)
To do that we had to first remove the corrugated metal roof and 2×4 framing that was incorrectly installed.
P1040256 (1024x768)
The workers are Peter Hochstetler,
P1040263 (768x1024)
Daniel Swarzentruber,
P1040262 (768x1024)
Donald Horst,
P1040261 (768x1024)
Blake Wagner,
P1040259 (768x1024)
and Micah Miller,
P1040260 (768x1024)
Our cook is Mary Hochstetler,
IMG_2551 (768x1024)

I knew it would be very warm here, but I was surprised at how humid it is. It was 36 C ( 96F ) with 72 % humidity. It didn’t take long for our clothes to be soaked with sweat as we removed the steel roof and wooden frames. We took several breaks to hydrate and cool down and the occasional light rain was a welcome reprieve from the hot humid weather, however it got sticker shortly afterwards. By 1:30 pm we had removed the roof and made preparations to start rebuilding it, so we packed up the truck and headed back to camp.

Tomorrow we plan to start a little earlier, when the temperatures are somewhat cooler and the humidity is lower.

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